Our testimony –

My husband was upset again.  He took a shower and almost fell getting out.  Holding onto the safety handle on the side of the stall did not keep him from slipping when the plastic bath mat gave way again.  The week before he complained about how yucky the bath mat looked; it was muddy looking even after a thorough scrubbing.  So I bought a new bath mat hoping to make him happier and safer in the bath tub. All those plastic bath mats were not working!  

Then we got a phone call from our daughter that night.  Her husband had slipped in the bath tub hurting his recently injured back again.  His bath mat had slipped as he got in the bath tub.  

My husband had seen a rubber mat used for another purpose and got a sample piece of the rubber. We tried it in the bath tub and were pleased when it did not slip, stayed put, did not mold or mildew. In fact, the bath tub was cleaner under the rubber bath mat than the sides of the bath tub prior to cleaning.  What!  I did not have to scrub the bottom of the bath tub anymore!  

We have used it now for a year, yes, a year, without any mold or mildew issues. It stays where it is put, no suction cups to deal with, and it does not trap dirt and dead skin under it.  So we are offering it now for to you to try– it is heavier than those cheap, thin plastic mats, and the slight extra cost is compensated by not having to replace it for many years.  

I love its attractive black rubber with white flecks. They are firmly imbedded, do not come out. The bath mat retains its shape, is very easy to see in the tub, especially for the sight impaired, and is very comfortable to stand on.  I clean it in the bath tub with soap and water and rinse under the faucet.  No need to put in washing machine to clean it or hang it up to dry.  And it’s reversible!

This new rubber bath mat is made here in the USA of recycled rubber by a local company that has been selling other rubber products nationwide for years. We simply found a new use for their product in a smaller, lighter weight version.  Their response? Why have we never thought of this!  They are encouraging our efforts to promote this new rubber bath mat.

Just about everyone we talked to wants to own one of our new Best Ever rubber bath mats.  Busy moms and single guys love the black color knowing it will be so easy to keep clean. Why don’t you try one today?

Sincerely, Judy

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